Video Game Heritage and Preservation


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  • josep-panadero 10 days ago

    I loved the Computing History museum and highly recommend a visit. I had the opportunity to write some Basic code in an old machine and play old video games.

    I went walking from the train station to the museum, if you do that, you need to take into account that it is in the outskirts of the city. It may seem that you are going in the wrong direction and there is nothing there, but there is. The museum is a big warehouse in an industrial area.

    > The hardware required to play the games is also preserved

    You can play with real physical machines. The exhibitions change so what you can play depends on when you visit the museum. Emulation is great, but hardware preservation is important.

    Their shop is an awesome place to get some gifts for your computer-loving friends.

    A couple of pictures of my experience in Cambridge and the Computing History museum:

    • kinard 10 days ago

      I've just been onto their web store and bought a few items as well as some tickets for entry, we're only an hours drive from there and I'm sure my two boys would love to see their exhibits and the tech I used to use as a kid, probably just so they can take the mickey out of how old I am. :)

      • unwind 10 days ago

        Uh, did you miss this:

        Things are tough right now ...

        They're tough for everyone :( But when coronavirus hit here in the UK, the museum had to close its doors to the public, and we lost practically all our income overnight.

        It's closed.

        Weird that they still sell tickets.

        • nness 10 days ago

          Many businesses in the UK are selling tickets/packages/passes preemptively of the restrictions being lifted.

          But, even more just don't have a system that lets them easily turn off items for sale, pause subscriptions, or pause reservations. I'd imagine it's just been forgotten...

          • timthorn 9 days ago

            Nope, they're trying to keep cashflow coming in.

            • nness 5 days ago

              These are not mutually exclusive.

      • willis936 10 days ago

        MAGFest moves a bunch of maintained machines from a museum to an exhibit room every year. It’s really cool to actually sit down and play a game on a computer older than you. Looking at a machine through glass is neat and all, but it isn’t terribly interesting to me compared to actually using the machine.

        • ilaksh 9 days ago

          I built Vintage Simulator (VSIM) with the idea that people could work together to build a type of virtual computer museum.

          It's essentially a Lua interface to a 3D libretro front-end. Free.

          • ghastmaster 9 days ago

            Reminds me of

            A project of mine right now is to compile as many Diablo websites past and present as I can find. God Bless!

            • sosuke 9 days ago

              I had a website back in the day. Racoonman’s Games. I didn’t know any better and extracted all of the animations out for all of the monsters and had every asset organized into tables. I did the same for Descent 2 I think. I made some huge image map of part of the Diablo town for a menu. Ahh memories.